Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Claxton

We're pregnant!

Last week I started feeling a 'lil queezy. At first I thought I was just nervous about moving and leaving my family. But after hearing "you're pregnant" numerous of times from my sister Christy, I decided to take a test(I thought it would be my way of proving her wrong). I was shocked, but super excited! So I took two more tests, all beaming with the same response!

We shared our wonderful news with Grandma & Grandpa(my parents) that night with an Easter basket!
It was filled with everything baby, and some yummy candy! 

We told Nana & Pops(Michael's parents, and first time grandparents) with flowers and a note that read,
"Dear Nana & Pops
I can't wait to meet you in December.
Love, Baby Claxton"

I had my first doctor's appointment today.
Everything looked great!
 I'm seven weeks along, eight on Tuesday, and due November 29th.

We're so blessed and excited about being parents!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

.our story.

Michael and I started talking in June of 2010. We were introduced by our good friends, Aaron and Chelsea. Aaron and Michael met at bootcamp in 2008. Then went on to A-school, and were stationed together in DC. Our story began on Day 3 of bootcamp when Aaron said, "I've got the perfect girl for you back home." Me!

{Michael & Aaron}

While Aaron was away, Chelsea and I became the best of friends. Lots of girl time, walmart trips, baking experiments, self portraits, hikes, and road trips. We were two peas in a pod.
{Chelsea & Me}
After three years of hearing Claxton this, Claxton that, or Misty this, Misty that, we were finally introduced via facebook. Michael was due for deployment just two days after our first phone date. During his five months away we skyped every night from 9:00-midnight(5:30-8:30 am his time). We would find comfort in the smallest of things. From the care packages to checking our email to find "Re: boop". After the second month we both knew it was something special. It's not often you miss someone before ever meeting them.


{1st care package}

Michael was supposed to return home October 20th but was delayed to November 15th--- my birthday! Once he was back in the states he had a week to move, then he was Hendersonville bound! Through those five months I kept my Curves' ladies updated on our fairytale love story. I would bring in my care packages before mailing them, and go on and on about that day's email or, if I was lucky, a phone call. Once the "D.Day" arrived everyone was more than ready!

I was SO nervous. I had warned my family, in fact, threatened my family. I was ready to meet my Mr. Oh-So-Wonderful! The sun was setting, it was perfect. The BIG moment, in the Golden Corral parking lot. Romantic, right? After a couple hours of playing shy, a visit to Hot Dog World, and me dominating in UNO(don't let him tell you any different), our feelings were shown to be true. It was l-o-v-e.
It didn't take long, on February 5th we were engaged...and February 25 we were married!
We couldn't wait any longer--- (with love and support from family and friends)we eloped!!! I drove up to Maryland for the weekend and we took off to Annapolis(love that town). There we tied the knot in a classy court house chapel with our best friends, and matchmakers, by our side. It was perfect. After the 10 minute ceremony we headed to Middleton Tavern for a delicious celebration dinner.
We are beyond excited to see what the future holds for us Claxtons. Soon we'll make our home and many more memories in Chesapeake, VA...and of course, blog every bit of it.